What's the difference between Okin Cinema, Okin Premiere and Okintv?
With Okin Cinema, we bring you the very latest movie that is exclusive to just Okin Cinema, that you can watch for just the amazing price of 99p per movie. We have also recently added Premiere movies, which are movies that have not yet been released to the public. Meaning, they come straight from the editing suites to Okintv for your viewing pleasure.
With Okintv, all movies are free and you can watch as many as you like.
How do I get automatic update on the latest releases?
Once you have subscribed and filled out your email address on our site during registration, you will automatically get informed on all our latest releases.
What are the payment plans?
We don't want to make it hard for you to watch and enjoy the Nollywood movies that you love, so we’ve made it simple for our subscribers. Simply select a movie you want to watch and make a one-time payment and you can watch at your leisure. (We don't store your card details and we will not debit your card without you).
How many times can I watch the movie I've paid for?
Unlike others, we give you an unlimited amount of times to watch the movie you have paid for!
How long can I watch a movie once I've paid for it?
If you chose to do a one-time purchase of 99p for the Cinema or £1.49 for a Premiere movie, you have 48 hours time frame to watch the movie of your choice, from the time of purchase.
Can I pause my streaming rental and come back later to watch?
Yes, you do not have to watch your movie all in one sitting. You can pause any time you like but remember you must have completed watching before your 48 hours is up.
Can I cancel/delete my account any time?
Yes, you can easily cancel online any time at your convenience.
How much does it cost to watch an exclusive Cinema movie?
We give it to our viewers at an amazing one off price of 99p per movie, but if you have subscribed for any of our monthly packages, then the price is all included in your package.
How much does it cost to watch a Premiere movie?
You can watch a ‘never before seen’ Premiere movie for, only £1.49.
Are Premiere movies included in my monthly/3 bundle subscriptions?
Premiere movies are Pay-per-view movies, so are not included in any monthly subscription you may have taken with Okin African Cinema. Your subscription only covers all Cinema movies that are available.
Why am I not able to login after I’ve subscribed?
You have to be careful what details you used to sign in as that is what our system will remember, so check that you have put in the right email and password.
What player can I use to watch Okin African Cinema and Okintv?
ALL our movies play on all devices – desktop, tablet, phone, smart tv. But would generally require any flash media player plugin installed. Can be played on any browser but we do recommend Google Chrome for optimum viewing.
Can I watch Okin if I am outside the UK?
ALL Okin platforms are available for to you to watch anytime, anywhere in the world. Simply log in, and start watching.
Do I get charged in my own currency if I’m watching from outside of UK?
Yes, as we use PayPal system for all our payment transactions and PayPal upon payment will automatically convert the currency for you.
What happens if I am having technical difficulties?
You can send us a quick email support@okintv.com on any issues you may be experiencing and we will do our best to get back to you promptly.

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